Sunday, April 11, 2010

{day 101 of 365}

Day 99 April 9 {2010} Fun day today. Hung out at home, went to lunch with M and Heath, then on a couple of errands. I made homemade Texas Sheet Cake for Hank and Kelly's tonight. We went over to their house with her parents of some other drs. that Hank did his residency with. We had a great time! Great elk burgers, sine, veggies, and the cake turned out wonderfully (which I was worried about b/c of the altitude.)

Day 100 April 10 {2010} M had her first softball game today! Here she is looking so cute! She did great, hitting the ball all three times and stopping it when it came to her. She even went after balls that weren't hit to her!

After baseball, we came home and started some serious spring cleaning. We got the kids' tv room and bathrooms, plus H's room completely unpacked, winter clothes put up, and organized. M decided she liked cleaning bathrooms and did hers and H's! We felt good after this so headed out to get some food for grilling! Here are my fun new dishes from Target! They are specifically for outside, and plastic, so they won't break when the kids are carrying them around. Plus, I got those cute cups from my MIL! Love them!

The kids had a blast playing in the hottub again! What a fabulous great, family day. It seems like forever since we had one. I am so blessed with the people God has put in my life! Love you guys!

Day 101 April 11 {2010} We slept in a little today. Amazing how well Tylenol PM works when you are exhausted! We got up, I did a little design work, then we headed to Panda Express for some yummy food! REI and Target, with on a couple of shirts and a plastic box on the tab, we came home to start on M's room. YIKES! That girl knows how to make a mess! We separated all her winter clothes, reorganized her toys, Heath built a shelf unit we'd had since January, and it was like new again! I cleaned the kitchen and made supper (YUMMY Chicken Spaghetti) while Heath napped. He's now getting ready for work, M is watching a movie, H is playing a game on his computer, and I'm blogging. What a fantastic weekend! Here is proof of our labor this weekend! (Gotta get it clean for my sis who is coming in 2 weeks!)

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