Sunday, April 18, 2010

{day 108 of 365--and the best one too!!}

Happy Birthday to Me! I so love my birthday. I've had a chill birthday, and sometimes, you totally need that! I slept in, hung out with the family--even put up M's laundry--ate lunch at The Melting Pot--yum!!! Then, I came home and CRASHED on the couch, sat in the hot tub, drank a margarita, had a grilled cheese for supper, watched the CMAs, and designed. Chill and great! So, that's today's update I guess! LOL!

I'm behind, I stink at posting sometimes! Where did I leave off? Oh jeez, 102!?!? ( no pictures to save time) This is all to help me with my journaling anyway! I'll try to get pics later!

Day 102 April 12 {2010} M and I went to Santa Fe to turn in paper work, we also shopped at the outlet mall! Plus, H had a game, with an AMAZING bunt! His coach was more excited that he read the sign! LOL!

Day 103 April 13 {2010} The pool cover got put on today yippee!! Apparently, I have no recollection of anything else this day.

Day 104 April 14 {2010} Both of my kids had baseball games, and at the same time. Heath went to M's while I kept score at H's. Oh, we also tried to swim in the pool...heater hadn't heated it enough. COLD!

Day 105 April 15 {2010} Tax day, gag. We sent our check in. That was memorable, writing that awful thing! But, it's my duty as a US Citizen. What else? I ran around town...I remember now, Heath wondered what in the world I did all day long! LOL! Errands getting things ready for our trip! he he. We swam all afternoon (starting at like 2, with a break to pick H up!) Also, we made beer-butt chicken (Heath begged for a change in menu for grilling...fine with me!) Yum! We had a great evening outside in the pool and hot tub!

Day 106 April 16 {2010} We turned the Swamp Cooler on...yeah, so far, no need for A/C...this thing is freezing me out! Oh, and Cappy got a hair cut...yippy, he was nasty--he's our Yorkie! We made hamburgers, oh, and I made my mom's fabulously wonderful homemade Onion Rings. The only time she makes them is in the Spring b/c of the availability of the perfect 1015 Onion. YUM!!! I overate tonight.
Oh, today was the day of M's revelation!  "I've learned three things about myself. 1. I'm cute. 2. I'm a smart-a-holic. I really like being smart. 3. I'm a big girl."

Day 107 April 17 {2010} This day will go down in history, I will never, ever, ever forget this day in my life. We lost M. I mean, we lost her...almost called the cops lost her. I thought I'd be on the news and speaking to the FBI lost her.
We were at H's baseball game and all of a sudden she was gone! gone. I might have a panic attack thinking about it over 24 hours later. She'd wondered off with some other girls, and I guess they just lost track of where they were!?!? It doesn't matter, but Heath looked around the fields, then I looked, then all of the parents on H's team looked, they made an announcement over the speakers. Thank God, our friend Scott saw some kids at the end of the ball fields, near a neighborhood. Heath saw Scott walking over there, then ran past him...spotting our baby in her hot pink rain boots and sweatshirt! Oh. My. Goodness...thank God, he found her! When they found me to tell me, I literally collapsed! I cried, and almost threw up. I've never felt like that in my life. It was the worst 20+ minutes of my life. I pray I never have to experience that again. I'm so horribly sorry for anyone out there who has experienced this. Awful, horrible...those words aren't enough...where are my friends Vanessa and Tracey who have incredible writing skills...I need words ladies! Praise God that she's okay. I think I need to go hold my baby girl now.

Day 108 April 18 {2010} Thank God this isn't the day after M was lost...Thank you, God, for allowing me to be born today. My life is blessed. I need to go kiss and hold each of my babies now. Peace out.

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