Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{day 96 out of 365}

Day 96 April 6 {2010} I took the kids to school and returned home. I spent the morning checking email, finalizing the week's menu, and then going to the grocery store. I came home, put up the cold stuff and ate lunch. After picking up M from school, we laid on the couch and watched Princess and the Frog! (I took a quick power nap.) Then, I got up to start on the household management aspect of my "home engineering" job! This includes calendar updates, bills, mail, etc. I got caught up before H had to get to baseball practice/scrimmage. While there, M made him this sign! "Go Number 4" How cute is that! It was so freaking cold and windy today. We lasted about an hour, then to the car! Came home and ate supper. Now H is doing homework, Heath is getting ready for work, and I am about to put M in the bath. Have a great day/night!

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