Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{day 97 of 365}

Day 97 April 7 {2010} Wednesdays wear me out for some reason. Not sure why. M slept with me last night and woke me up about 4 b/c she didn't have "Big Blankie." I'm sure that's self explanatory. Waking up at that time of the morning is bad since I then start waking up over and again wondering how much time I have left to sleep! Anyway...After taking H to school, I came home, made breakfast, and watched Lost. I love this show. It's awesome, one of the best ever on tv. LOVE IT! But, I'm lost...I need the end to happen so I'll know the answer! If there is one that is.
The pool people came today to start opening the pool. Not good. We learned 4 out of the 10 solar panels need to be replaced...gag, but we should be able to swim in it on Friday. With the gas heater, it'll be fine, if we get around to swimming that is...if it's not too cold.
We spent the afternoon at home, i cleaned and did laundry, started dinner too. M didn't want to go to tball practice (i think it's because she didn't want to get out of her pajamas!), but she went anyway. After, I finished our yummy yummy dinner (Cilantro-Lime Chicken, yellow rice, spaghetti squash, and avacado-tomato salsa). I even did the dishes after. (I also worked a little on a new kit and my LO for this week's new release.)
Hunter is starting a new book "Igraine the Brave" as his school is doing a school wide read on it. Each family gets a copy of the book. Tomorrow, I'll catch M and I up on it, then we want to start reading every day as a family! Here is H with his new book!

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