Thursday, April 8, 2010

{day 98 of 365}

Day 98 April 8 {2010} Running behind should be the title of this day! I had to wake up M at 8:40 to leave the house, dressed, in 6 minutes...and we totally did it! I ran a couple of errands today, came home, met the pool people, and attempted to learn how to operate a pool. Luckily, Heath was here, and I'm pretty sure he got it! 

After getting the kids from school, we went on search of a suitcase for our trip to Italy. I found one at Dillards! Yeah, it's purple and very cool. Then, we grabbed dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, went to Eddie Bauer, the Apple Store (You will see Heath below with an iPad...he bought one, just not that one!) and the Mac Store for eyeshadow (for me not Heath). I know, he got the better end of the night!

We came home to find our hot tub ready for soaking! WOO HOO! So, at 8:30, we all put on our suits and had our first dip in the hot tub! Here are the kids. 

Now we are running behind (see I told you!), M isn't in bed yet, and I am sitting in my wet swim suit helping Hunter with homework. We are great parents huh!?!? Hey, you only have the first time ever in our hot tub once! It just happens to be tonight!

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