Thursday, April 22, 2010

{day 112 of 365}

Day 109 April 19 {2010}  I got up raring to go today, took my vitamins, drank my coffee, ran a couple of errands to the grocery store and Target, and promptly came home to CRASH on the couch. What the heck! I slept for like 2 hours...M had a game tonight. Then, we grabbed Chili's to go, and the rest is history!

Day 110 April 20 {2010} My BFF's from Jr. High, who is still one of my very favorite people in the world, Kelley's birthday! So fun being two days apart. I remember nothing else. I think I designed today, H had a baseball game which M was confined to the bleachers for. She might never leave my side again. I actually got her out of bed Sunday night and made her sleep with me. Yeah, I'm that mom. (I took the camera to H's game, Heath got some cool pics...but, the card wasn't in it. suck. this is just how life is sometimes!)

Day 111 April 21 I cleaned a bit today, little more designing, laundry. I have a boring life. Why do I blog about it? Not sure. M, H and I did go see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" today, SO good. I really enjoyed it. I think that was H's first chapter book he voluntarily read. Good stuff. Then, on the way home, we stopped at Target. I got the supplies to set up my recycling center. Finally, and I even forgot it was Earth Day this week! LOL! M is in charge of recycling and was super excited to make the signs. She sat at the counter while I made supper asking how to spell "paper, plastic, cans, and glass" so she could make signs. I was going to make cute ones, but these are much more precious to me and will stay on the trash cans!

Day 112 April 22 The countdown to Italy is ON! So, I need to start doing a few my nails and pedicure, don't forget the eyebrows! LOL! That took a while, then I grabbed some dry rub from Williams-Sonoma that a lady told me about to use for a rib recipe. (We'll make this on Sunday for Robyn and J.) Then, grabbed lunch--and M from preschool. I plopped supper in the crock pot and watched the food network. See, told you I'm boring! Tonight we ate and then watched one of the BEST Survivor episodes ever. JT-stupid last week, consequence this week; Parvarti-BRILLIANT! Sandra has the game in her hands if she plays it right!

And for a few pictures to catch up...
Hunter playing ball

Isotopes Game-Dodgers' AAA team (You can't tell, but H (in blue jeans) is standing with the catcher for the Nat'l Anthem right in front of the umps. He was very excited about that! )

And H on the big screen when he was intro'ed before the game!!!

My birthday lunch at the melting pot

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