Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 13-Goals

I've got to tell you...and maybe you already know this...I'm not one to sit down and "set" goals...even though I am totally a planner! Maybe I have goals, but since I don't write them down, I figure I don't have them!?!? I think I have short term goals more than long term goals.
1. "Create" is my One Little Word this year...I do have a goal of "Creating" moments, and memories, and scrapping things.
2. I have a goal of getting the house cleaned every Thursday for the weekend! (doesn't always happen)
3. I want to replace the ceramic tiles and carpet with wood floors in our great room. Oh, and the tile on the counters with granite...not looking promising any time soon!?!
4. I want to play golf so that my dad takes me golfing when I visit and isn't embarrassed by my play. Maybe we can enter a mixed tourney one day even!
5. I want to visit Australia and New Zealand...oh and take a cruise to Alaska! It's a goal...not just a want! he he.

How's that!?!

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