Friday, February 4, 2011

How he's grown!?!?

Day 3 of the Joy of Love challenge was "How they've grown and changed."

And now for some background...
H just finished the entire Harry Potter series. I'm super proud because he's only in the fourth grade and hates to read. So even though, at times, it's been like pulling teeth to get him to read, he finished the entire series...and that's no little feat! Heath and I both love HP!??! I've even stood in line at midnight for new releases...we were at the Universal Studios on opening day for the Wizarding World of HP...though that was luck in timing. :) But, needless to say, we love Harry Potter!

Yesterday, I had already planned to take some kind of picture of H with all the books...and then I got this assignment. I remembered right after I took the pictures that I had this picture of him from a trip to Barbados with my little sister WITH a HP book when he was just like 18 months old!?!? How lucky was I that all of this would happen on the same day! And, that 8 or 9 years ago, that little picture that I just happened to save, would come in handy for this assignment...some would say fate! LOL

Anyway, here is my assignment for Day 3. I really love it!

OMGoodness he was a cute baby with that near white hair!??! Makes a Mommy tear up a bit!  Tonight is a super special treat...b/c he finally finished the books...Heath and I are taking H and a friend to see HP7 the movie!??! I'm so happy he finished it before it was out of theaters! Of course, Heath and I have already seen it, but we're happy to see it again!


  1. I love your photography. The picture of him with that side light coming in and all the HP books behind him is awesome. Don't you just love it when your kids discover they really do like to read? :)

  2. What adorable photos and I love what you wrote!