Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 19-Something you miss

Something I MISS?!?! Really?

I could start with the someones I miss...Every. single. person. in. my. family. Please see this post for pictures of them...we all live around the country...from South Carolina, to Texas, and we are in NM. I miss all of my family so much.  I miss my grandfathers too! Each of my kids are like them...Grandad Clyde would have LOVED H! He does things and I think...Oh I wish GC would have seen that! And then M...who was named after my Grandad Wink (her middle name is his last name)...did you know she winked on her first birthday? She was born right after he died, and she totally whistles like him! Isn't it amazing how our kids are like people in our family they never got to meet? (I digress.)

I miss going to all the Baylor football, basketball, and baseball games as a family, but at least we watch them on TV!

Then, we could start with food I miss. OMFoodness!?!? Texas: Pappasitos first and foremost. Waco, Texas: El Con, Leals, Uncle Dan's BBQ, La Fiesta (hello Margaritas!); New York City (brooklyn...bay ridge) Mambo Italiano and the pizza...oh the pizza!!! Arkansas: Larry's Pizza (a completely different type of pizza.)

I also miss my waistline before kids, but even just before Madysen!?!

I miss the carefreeness (pretty sure that is not a word) of my childhood in Bronte, Texas. We had so much fun, running around with no cares in the world except were those dogs going to chase us on our bike ride to school!?!? Oh the fun time as a little girl in a little bity West Texas town...and I mean LITTLE!?!? (900 people or so) But it was full of life!

I miss playing volleyball in high school with Kori, Anne, Michelle, and Angie! We had some good times friends.

I miss long talks with Vanessa! We had some doozies...and still do when we are able to connect! 

I miss seeing my Krewe and eating second breakfasts EVERY SINGLE DAY in NYC! I also miss going to Penn Station and getting my coffee, but not have to order it b/c they knew what I wanted.

I really miss the kids going back and forth from our house to the Phillips' in AR. Wow...really miss it. I miss picking them up and meaning to stay for 3 minutes, but spending 3 hours talking with Karen! I miss our Christmas Caroling and the snow days playing outside! 

I miss the smell of H and M when they were babies! They were GOOD babies! I miss them also calling me "Mommy;" they have both progressed to Mom. 

I seriously could go on and on, but I don't want to bore you!??!?!

I'm now in tears missing everyone!

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