Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 28-Something that stresses you out

I'm a stress-er, I can't help it...I come from a long line of stress-ers. Although my mom doesn't think she is....but she is. :) Love you mom.

Let's see what am I stressed about today...
1. M woke up 4 times last night...more than she did when she was a baby. She doesn't have a cold or isn't running fever. Her Daddy Doc thinks it's allergies and made her go to ski school. I'm stressing that she really is getting sick and we sent her out in freezing temps and snow. Now I'm stressing that i'm a bad mom. (but, I'm enjoying the time without her so I can blog and scrap!) Oh I really am a bad mom!
2. I'm stressing that I'll forget to post a new challenge in the SM forum's pitiful really.
3. I'm stressing I haven't eaten healthy enough this weekend and have gained a pound or two back!

In general, I will always stress out about
1. money...if we have enough, if we are spending too much, how much more should we hold back for taxes, etc.
2. are we messing up our kids? We are doing the best job we can or know how to do...we love our kiddos more than life itself, but PLEASE let us not mess them up too badly!
3. what I am doing with my life. I love education, but am not doing much with it right now...I want to write curriculum, but no freelance jobs are out there. Am I doing enough as a person to contribute to society?

See, those are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head...I stress about everything...I guess that's why i need to lose weight...I'm a stress eater...oh jeez, I have issues!!


  1. Okay I got stressed out just reading what stresses you out. lol Yeah, I guess I worry about those things too just not enough to sress about them. There is a difference isn't there? :)

  2. and here I thought worry=stress.