Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 9-A picture of your friends

Once again...a picture? Am I supposed to have all of my friends together in one place? There is no possible way, none! They don't live in the same place!?!? 

Okay, So we'll go in order of time...

This is Kelley, also knows as KK! We became besties in Jr. High!?!? Sadly, she moved in 9th grade, but we've always stayed in touch! (I can't find a picture of us together.)

Next is Vanessa (middle) and Kori (right)! This is us at dinner this summer. We get together when I go back to Texas, unless one of is sick like Xmas! Altho Kori and I did get together, V was just sick.

And, I am sad that I don't have a picture of all of the Krewe...those are my friends that I had in NYC. We all worked together, but can't all seem to get together at the same time!?!?
Here is most of us...only missing a couple. Here we had rented a house in upstate NY. I lived in AR then, I think most everyone else still lived in NY area except Jenny. I can't remember. It was 2008, weekend of the Super Bowl when the Giants beat the Pats!

(from left to right...me, Sara, Geren, Amy, Karen, Jenny, Tracey)

And this is the Pod...we all worked in the same pod at McGraw Hill. We were loud. very loud. Amy, Geren, and I are godmother's to Tracey's son, A...he's adorable! Maybe there will be a post where I can include him!
(me, Geren, Tracey, Amy)

And finally, one of my favorite friends from our time in Arkansas...we are hoping that we will be inlaws one day when her youngest son marries M. M is already planning the wedding, I kid you not! Karen and I had many a talks while the kids played and swam. I was so lucky to meet her the first day that we were looking at houses there! We were instant friends. Love her!
(Karen and H...M's future hubby!)

I guess that's about it!?!? I'm a lucky lucky girl!?!? 


  1. Oh my gosh. You have SUCH GOOD LOOKING FRIENDS!!! :)

  2. Aren't friends the best?!? I love that you have so many from all over.