Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 16-Dream house

Dream House...well I have a dream house...and it's in Arkansas. Heath and I found it his first year of residency when we were driving around looking at houses one Sunday afternoon. (Please tell me other people do this!) At one time did have pictures...That was two computer crashes ago, so I need to see if I still do...be right back...

Well, it doesn't look like I have them any longer, but truth be told, I have it ingrained in my brain! We went back over and over to look at it because we loved it so much.

The problem with finding a dream house, you compare every house you look at to it! In fact, when we look lots here in NM, I actually place that house in the lot, will it work here? What is so special about this house that you don't even get to see?
-the KITCHEN!?!? OMGoodness! It was HUGE and beautiful! Dark cabinets, granite countertops.
-the hardwood floors
-it was two story, but the bottom floor was where all the kids bedrooms and extra living area was.
-the top story was the living, dining, kitchen, laundry, master, guest room.
-from the front of the yard, it looked like a 1 story house! From the back it was two story. It was super super cool.

I won't complain! We have an awesome house here in NM! I love my house....and have you seen my views? How about waking up to this every morning...I AM BLESSED!


  1. Haha! We love driving around "house browsing" on Sundays! We thought we were the only ones. Nice to know we are in good company!

  2. Yes Randy and I drive aimlessly looking for houses too. It's really awkward when you do it at 9 pm- look more like a cat burglar than a potential home owner.